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Bird-friendly film put on Kendeda Center windows 

Visitors to the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center may notice some new, tiny dots adorning the glass on the building. These dots are special window treatments designed to prevent birds from flying into the windows, an all too common problem. The project is thanks to a partnership between Trees Atlanta and Atlanta Audubon, with a grant from the Disney Conservation Fund, according to a press release.

The dots are a special CollidEscape film that reduces the transparency of the glass and breaks up reflection, preventing bird-window strikes. Each spring and fall, millions of birds migrate between wintering grounds in Central and South America, the southern U.S., or the Caribbean to breeding grounds in North America. Sadly, many never arrive at their destination due building collisions. Blinded by night-time lights or confused by day-time reflections of trees and grass in shiny windows, many birds become disoriented and fly into the buildings, ending their journeys and their lives prematurely.

The CollidEscape film is applied to a building’s windows and breaks up the reflection, allowing birds to avoid a collision. Roughly 350 square feet of CollidEscape material was used to cover the windows on the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center.

In 2018, the Atlanta Audubon Society was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Disney Conservation Fund as part of the Fund’s focus on reversing the decline of threatened wildlife around the world. The conservation grant recognizes Atlanta Audubon’s efforts to reduce bird-building collisions through Project Safe Flight Atlanta, a program to monitor birds and collect data on deaths by collisions, and its companion program, Lights Out Atlanta, to encourage residential and commercial buildings to reduce nighttime lighting.

The Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center is the fifth building to be treated by Atlanta Audubon using grants received from the Disney Conservation Fund and from the Georgia Ornithological Society. Other buildings include the Melvin L. Newman Wetlands Center, Chattahoochee Nature Center, the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, and the Sawnee Mountain Preserve Visitor’s Center.

In 2020, Atlanta Audubon will install CollidEscape film at Southface and one other Atlanta location.