Finding a moral theme in recent headlines

These are some headlines of stories in the Feb. 17 Metro section: “Baptist group boots Decatur church” – Atlanta Metro Baptist Association kicks out First Baptist Church of Decatur because it has ordained gay deacons and is an LGBTQ inclusive congregation. “Schools focusing on diversity, inclusion” – Buford city schools are striving to bring more minority voices into overall system decision-making.

“Lawmaker spotlights adoptable children” – a freshman lawmaker and long-term social worker is using her vantage point to bring exposure to the need to adopt over 2,000 children In Georgia. “Carter Center picks new CEO to take over in June” – the famously Carters-driven center is re-equipping its leadership ranks to remain a powerful global force for attacking the world’s ills. Which headline suggests a lack of moral leadership? SYD JANNEY, ATLANTA

Trump is doing job Kemp promised to do

President Trump is (reportedly) sending special operations agents of the Border Patrol to assist Immigration Customs and Enforcement in sanctuary cities — including Atlanta. This move by Washington brilliantly illustrates a failure to launch by Gov. Brian Kemp. Kemp, of the “big truck in case I need it to round up criminal illegals” fame of the 2018 campaign also promised to end sanctuary cities, and to “track and deport” with creation of a database of criminal aliens. The Dustin Inman Society is offering a reward for information leading to the discovery of any quote, quip, remark, utterance, legislation or order from Kemp on illegal immigration since he won the election.

Trump is doing the job Kemp will not do in Georgia. His record shows Kemp is merely another business-first politician who has turned his back on pro-enforcement voters who trusted him on illegal immigration. It was the “Big Truck Trick.” And it will be long remembered.