Alpharetta man faces Capitol riot charges
Roofing contractor accused of assaulting two police officers.
Kevin Douglas Creek

An Alpharetta man online insurgent hunters dubbed “the Mad Mongrel” has been charged with multiple felonies related to the Jan.

6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

The FBI arrested Kevin Douglas Creek, 46, Wednesday and charged him with assaulting two police officers on the West Terrace of the Capitol where some of the most intense violence of the day occurred between rioters and police defending the building. Still images taken from police body cameras appear to show Creek punching and kicking police.

The roofing contractor and father of two allegedly admitted to his participation in the riot in an interview with an FBI agent conducted in the presence of Creek’s lawyer. According to the agent, Creek talked “in great detail” about his participation in the riot, drawing on a map of the Capitol where he was during the fighting and even admitting to being armed with “mace and a boot knife while at the U.S. Capitol,” which could be an aggravating factor in his felony charges.

“Creek admitted the photos were of him,” the FBI agent wrote in the affidavit. “Your affiant then played videos of both assaults on federal officers, and Creek admitted the videos looked like him, but Creek said he ‘did not remember assaulting any officer.’”

When the agent asked Creek if he regretted participating in the riot, Creek allegedly replied, “50/50.”

Creek’s attorney did not respond to a request to comment.

According to his social media accounts, Creek is a former Marine, and he allegedly spoke about his military service during interviews with the FBI. He is the 11th person with Georgia connections arrested in the riot. So far, federal officials have charged more than 450 people with participating in the riot.

Creek is the second Georgia man arrested in connection with the brutal hand-to-hand fighting on the West Terrace. In April, authorities arrested Locust Grove fencing contractor Jack Wade Whitton for allegedly punching an officer and dragging him into the crowd.

The FBI knew about Creek’s possible involvement in the Capitol insurrection for months prior to his arrest. According to the affidavit, the FBI received a tip on Jan. 10 that Creek had talked about his participation in the violence during a visit to Northside Hospital Forsyth in Cumming.

“Creek discussed running up the stairs of the Capitol building and attempting to get inside.

Creek talked about having trouble at the door he ran to because the police were (teargassing) individuals at his door,” the FBI agent wrote, describing the tip. “Creek also mentioned he was bruised from his activity at the Capitol and admitted to a long car ride to get to DC.”

Federal court records remain sealed, so it is not clear whether Creek is in custody or whether bond has been set in the case.

Creek does not appear to have a criminal record, but federal judges in other cases have been reluctant to release alleged rioters accused of assaulting police on Jan. 6. Prosecutors claim such people remain a danger to the community.


Alpharetta resident Kevin Douglas Creek is the latest Georgian to be charged with crimes related to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S.


So far, 11 people with Georgia connections have been arrested for allegedly participating in the Capitol attack.

They included a teenaged Milton resident and a 57-year-old attorney from Americus.

A nurse from Woodstock and her adult son are also among those arrested. Most of those arrested have been granted bond, although some spent weeks in jail.

Federal authorities have arrested more than 450 people in almost every state since Jan. 6 in what has been called the largest investigation in FBI history.